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#include <ldrbase.h>

Public Attributes

ArrayScale scale [n_ScaleTypes]
bool fixedsize
PixmapProps pixmap

Detailed Description

Data structure to store info about GUI display of LDRarrays

Definition at line 181 of file ldrbase.h.

Member Data Documentation

§ fixedsize

bool GuiProps::fixedsize

Whether the size is fixed in 1D mode. If so, it is possible to detach the widget to display it in larger size.

Definition at line 193 of file ldrbase.h.

§ pixmap

PixmapProps GuiProps::pixmap

Properties of the map in 2D mode

Definition at line 198 of file ldrbase.h.

§ scale

ArrayScale GuiProps::scale[n_ScaleTypes]

The scales in 1D or 2D display

Definition at line 187 of file ldrbase.h.

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