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The reconstruction framework (odinreco)
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class  RecoBlackBoard
class  RecoCollectorBase
class  RecoCollector< Nin, In, Ncoll, Coll, use_numof >
 averagecoll, chancoll, chanrepcoll, chanrepslicecoll, cyclecoll, driftcoll, echocoll, freqcoll, image, kspace, line3dcoll, repcoll, slicecoll, tecoll, usercoll: Collect data in one or more dimensions More...
class  RecoController
struct  Rank< N_rank >
class  RecoData
class  RecoIndex
struct  RecoCoord
struct  RecoDim< Ndim, d1, d2, d3, d4, d5, d6 >
struct  UInt
class  RecoReaderInterface
class  RecoReaderCustom
class  RecoReaderOdin
struct  RecoQueryContext
class  RecoStep


typedef STD_map< RecoCoord, UIntCoordCountMap

Detailed Description

ODIN image reconstruction framework (odinreco)

Typedef Documentation

§ CoordCountMap

typedef STD_map<RecoCoord, UInt> CoordCountMap

Map to count the number of times a coordinate was measured/interpolated

Definition at line 364 of file index.h.