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MR Parameters (odinpara library)


class  RotMatrix
 Rotation Matrix. More...
class  Geometry
 Geometry Settings. More...
class  Protocol
 Protcol proxy. More...
struct  kSpaceCoord
class  LDRkSpaceCoords
struct  RecoValList
class  LDRrecoValList
class  RecoPars
class  CoilSensitivity
class  Sample
 Virtual Sample for Simulation. More...
class  SeqPars
 Sequence Parameter proxy. More...
class  Study
 Study information. More...
class  Nuclei
class  System
 System proxy. More...
class  SystemInterface


enum  sliceBoundary
enum  sliceOrientation
enum  geometryMode
enum  direction
enum  axis
enum  recoFlags
enum  recoDim
enum  templateType
enum  navigatorType
enum  sampleDim
enum  odinPlatform
enum  objCategory

Detailed Description

This page describes the design guidelines of the module Protcol classes in ODIN (odinpara library)

Thies H. Jochimsen

Enumeration Type Documentation

§ axis

enum axis

Enum for the direction of spatial axes in the laboratory system of reference:

  • xAxis: The first spatial direction
  • yAxis: The second spatial direction
  • zAxis: The third spatial direction

Definition at line 48 of file odinpara.h.

§ direction

enum direction

This enum is used to specify directions in the coordinate system of the sequence gradients, i.e. gradient channel:

  • readDirection: The first gradient channel
  • phaseDirection: The second gradient channel
  • sliceDirection: The third gradient channel

Definition at line 38 of file odinpara.h.

§ geometryMode

The geometry mode

  • slicepack: A stack of equidistant parallel slices
  • voxel_3d: A single 3D volume

Definition at line 56 of file geometry.h.

§ navigatorType

Enum to distinguish between different types of navigator ADCs:

  • no_navigator: Not a navigator ADC
  • epi_navigator: Siemens EPI phase correction navigator

Definition at line 103 of file reco.h.

§ objCategory

This enum is used to distinguish different properties of sequence objects according to their category. Examples are minimum duration or rastertime.

Definition at line 46 of file system.h.

§ odinPlatform

This enum is used to specify the scanner system type

Definition at line 39 of file system.h.

§ recoDim

enum recoDim

Dimensions of acquired data, order is reversed for easy indexing of C-style arrays

  • userdef: Extra dimension which can be used by the sequence programmer
  • te: Echo-time index in a multi-echo acquistion, e.g. for field-map calculation
  • dti: Direction index for diffusion-tensor imaging
  • average: Average index to add up ADCs
  • cycle: Cycle index (spiral imaging, PROPELLER blades)
  • slice: Slice index
  • line3d: 3D phase encoding index
  • line: 2D phase encoding index
  • echo: Echo index in a multi-echo readout, e.g. an CPMG or EPI echo train
  • epi: Index of EPI readout train, e.g. in a 3D sequence
  • templtype: Type of template prescan
  • navigator: Type of navigator scan
  • freq: Frequency offset (will be used by multi-frequency reconstruction in odinreco)
  • channel: Channel index of phased-array coil
  • readout: Readout index
  • repetition: Repetition dimension

Definition at line 74 of file reco.h.

§ recoFlags

enum recoFlags

Flags(bits) to mark ADCs:

  • recoLastInChunkBit: last ADC in a collection of consecutive ADCs generated by the system, an undefined number of zeroes may follow
  • recoReflectBit: ADC is reflected
  • recoEpiNavPolarityBit: Indicates that first echo in EPI navigator readout is reflected

Definition at line 44 of file reco.h.

§ sampleDim

enum sampleDim

Dimension inidices of the 5-dim sample grid

  • frameDim: time dimension
  • freqDim: frequency direction
  • zDim: axial direction of the scanner coordinate system
  • yDim: 2nd transversal direction of the scanner coordinate system
  • xDim: 1st transversal direction of the scanner coordinate system

Definition at line 41 of file sample.h.

§ sliceBoundary

Enum to specify which boundary of a slice to take for a given direction

Definition at line 39 of file geometry.h.

§ sliceOrientation

The principal slice direction in the anatomical system of reference

  • sagittal: Slice is perpendicular to left-right direction
  • coronal: Slice is perpendicular to anterior-posterior direction
  • axial: Slice is perpendicular to head-foot direction

Definition at line 48 of file geometry.h.

§ templateType

Enum to distinguish between different types of template prescan ADCs:

  • no_template: Not a template ADC
  • phasecorr_template: Template ADC for 1D phase correction
  • fieldmap_template: Template to calculate fieldmap, the echo dimension will index the different TEs
  • grappa_template: Training data to calculate GRAPPA weights

Definition at line 91 of file reco.h.