Generate a sample file
gensample: Generates a virtual sample suitable for sequence simulation in ODIN

Usage and options:
  Create a sample from external maps:
    gensample -fr <FOVread> -fp <FOVphase> -fs <FOVslice> -s0 <spin-density> [-t1 <T1map>] [-t2 <T2map>] [-pm <ppmMap>] [-ir <inplane-reduction>] [-ss <single-slice number>] [-ft <comma-separated-list of frame-rates for dymaic phantoms>]  -o <Sample-file>
  Create a point-spread function:
    gensample -psf -t1 <point T1> -t2 <point T2> [-dc <DiffusionCoeff>] -o <Sample-file>
  Create rectangle of uniform spin distribution about origin in all 3 spatial dimensions:
    gensample -uni -n <size> -f <FOV> [-t1 <uniform T1>] [-t2 <uniform T2>] -o <Sample-file>
  Create an isochromat distribution:
    gensample -iso -n <size> -df <freq-distribution-width[kHz]> -t1 <point T1> -t2 <point T2> [-dc <point Dcoeff>] -o <Sample-file>
  Create a homogenous disk with given radius:
    gensample -dsk -n <size> -f <FOV> -R <radius> [-t1 <uniform T1>] [-t2 <uniform T2>] [-dc <uniform DiffusionCoeff>] -o <Sample-file>
  Create coaxial cylinder:
    gensample -cyl -n <size> -f <FOV> -Xi <inner-suscept[ppm]> -Xo <outer-suscept[ppm]> -Ri <inner-radius> -Ro <outer-radius> [-t1 <uniform T1> -t2 <uniform T2> -sl <single-line>] -o <Sample-file>
Other options:
    -v <loglevel> or <component:loglevel> for debugging/tracing all components or a single component, respectively. Possible values for loglevel are: 0(noLog), 1(errorLog), 2(warningLog), 3(infoLog).
    -h, --help, -help, --version : Print help text or version information