Generate a coil file
gencoil: Generates a virtual coil suitable for sequence simulation in ODIN

Usage and options:
  Generate a radially inhomogenous coil:
    gencoil -rad -n <inplane-size> -fov <FOV> -R <radial-inhomogeneity[%]> -o <Coil-file>
  Generate an array coil by rotating pre-existing image file:
    gencoil -rot -n <inplane-size> -fov <FOV> -nc <numof-rotated-subcoils> -i <input-image> -sl <selected-slice> -o <Coil-file>
  Generate an array coil consisting of simple loops:
    gencoil -arr -n <inplane-size> -nc <numof-rotated-loops>  -fov <FOV> -R <array-radius> -o <Coil-file>
  Generate coil with a B1 gradient:
    gencoil -grad -n <inplane-size> -fov <FOV> -g <B1-gradient-endpoint> -o <Coil-file>
Other options:
	-v <loglevel> or <component:loglevel> for debugging/tracing all components or a single component, respectively. Possible values for loglevel are: 0(noLog), 1(errorLog), 2(warningLog), 3(infoLog).
	-h, --help, -help, --version : Print help text or version information