tjvector< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for tjvector< T >, including all inherited members.

c_array() consttjvector< T >
fill_linear(const T &min, const T &max)tjvector< T >
interpolate(unsigned int newsize, float subpixel_shift=0.0)tjvector< T >
length() consttjvector< T >
load(const STD_string &fname)tjvector< T >
maxabs() consttjvector< T >
maxvalue() consttjvector< T >
minvalue() consttjvector< T >
normalize()tjvector< T >
operator*(const STD_vector< T > &w) consttjvector< T >inline
operator*(const T &s, const STD_vector< T > &v)tjvector< T >friend
operator*(const T &s) consttjvector< T >inline
operator*=(const STD_vector< T > &v)tjvector< T >inline
operator*=(const T &s)tjvector< T >inline
operator+(const STD_vector< T > &w) consttjvector< T >inline
operator+(const T &s, const STD_vector< T > &v)tjvector< T >friend
operator+(const T &s) consttjvector< T >inline
operator+=(const STD_vector< T > &v)tjvector< T >inline
operator+=(const T &s)tjvector< T >inline
operator-(const STD_vector< T > &w) consttjvector< T >inline
operator-() consttjvector< T >inline
operator-(const T &s, const STD_vector< T > &v)tjvector< T >friend
operator-(const T &s) consttjvector< T >inline
operator-=(const STD_vector< T > &v)tjvector< T >inline
operator-=(const T &s)tjvector< T >inline
operator/(const STD_vector< T > &w) consttjvector< T >inline
operator/(const T &s, const STD_vector< T > &v)tjvector< T >friend
operator/(const T &s) consttjvector< T >inline
operator/=(const STD_vector< T > &v)tjvector< T >inline
operator/=(const T &s)tjvector< T >inline
operator<<(STD_ostream &s, const tjvector< T > &v)tjvector< T >friend
operator=(const T &value)tjvector< T >
operator=(const STD_vector< T > &vec)tjvector< T >
operator=(const tjvector< T > &tv)tjvector< T >
printbody() consttjvector< T >
range(unsigned int startindex, unsigned int endindex) consttjvector< T >
resize(unsigned int newsize)tjvector< T >virtual
set_c_array(const unsigned char *array, unsigned int n)tjvector< T >
sum() consttjvector< T >
tjvector(unsigned int n=0)tjvector< T >
tjvector(const T *array, unsigned int n)tjvector< T >
tjvector(const STD_vector< T > &v)tjvector< T >
tjvector(const tjvector< T > &tv)tjvector< T >
write(const STD_string &fname, fopenMode mode=overwriteMode, LONGEST_INT nelements=-1) consttjvector< T >
~tjvector()tjvector< T >virtual