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#include <seqpulsar.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SeqPulsarSinc (const STD_string &object_label="unnamedSeqPulsarSinc", float slicethickness=5.0, bool rephased=true, float duration=2.0, float flipangle=90.0, float resolution=1.5, unsigned int npoints=256)
 SeqPulsarSinc (const SeqPulsarSinc &sps)
SeqPulsarSincoperator= (const SeqPulsarSinc &sps)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqPulsar
 SeqPulsar (const STD_string &object_label="unnamedSeqPulsar", bool rephased=false, bool interactive=true)
 SeqPulsar (const SeqPulsar &sp)
 ~SeqPulsar ()
SeqPulsarset_rephased (bool rephased, float strength=0.0)
fvector get_reph_gradintegral () const
SeqPulsaroperator= (const SeqPulsar &sp)
SeqPulsarrefresh ()
SeqPulsarset_interactive (bool flag)
float get_strength () const
int get_dims () const
SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_nucleus (const STD_string &nucleus)
float get_flipangle () const
SeqPulsInterfaceset_flipangle (float flipangle)
SeqPulsInterfaceset_pulsduration (float pulsduration)
SeqPulsInterfaceset_power (float pulspower)
SeqPulsInterfaceset_pulse_type (pulseType type)
pulseType get_pulse_type () const
STD_string get_properties () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqPulsNdim
 SeqPulsNdim (const STD_string &object_label="unnamedSeqPulsNdim")
 SeqPulsNdim (const SeqPulsNdim &spnd)
 ~SeqPulsNdim ()
SeqPulsNdimset_rfwave (const cvector &waveform)
SeqPulsNdimset_gradwave (direction dir, const fvector &waveform)
SeqPulsNdimset_B1max (float b1max)
cvector get_rfwave () const
fvector get_gradwave (direction dir) const
SeqPulsNdimset_grad_shift_offset (float grad_shift_offset)
SeqPulsInterfaceset_pulsduration (float pulsduration)
float get_magnetic_center () const
SeqPulsNdimoperator= (const SeqPulsNdim &spnd)
SeqPulsNdimoperator+= (SeqGradChanList &sgcl)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqParallel
 SeqParallel (const STD_string &object_label="unnamedSeqParallel")
 SeqParallel (const SeqParallel &sgp)
SeqParalleloperator= (const SeqParallel &sgp)
SeqParalleloperator/= (SeqGradChan &sgc)
SeqParalleloperator/= (SeqGradChanList &sgcl)
SeqParalleloperator/= (SeqGradChanParallel &sgcp)
SeqParalleloperator/= (SeqGradObjInterface &sgoa)
SeqParalleloperator/= (const SeqObjBase &soa)
STD_string get_program (programContext &context) const
double get_duration () const
unsigned int event (eventContext &context) const
SeqValList get_freqvallist (freqlistAction action) const
SeqValList get_delayvallist () const
void query (queryContext &context) const
RecoValList get_recovallist (unsigned int reptimes, LDRkSpaceCoords &coords) const
double get_rf_energy () const
SeqGradInterfaceset_strength (float gradstrength)
SeqGradInterfaceinvert_strength ()
fvector get_gradintegral () const
double get_gradduration () const
SeqGradInterfaceset_gradrotmatrix (const RotMatrix &matrix)
double get_pulprogduration () const
void clear ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqTreeObj
bool contains (const SeqTreeObj *sto) const
void tree (SeqTreeCallbackAbstract *display) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqClass
SeqClassset_temporary ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Labeled
 Labeled (const STD_string &label="unnamed")
Labeledset_label (const STD_string &label)
const STD_string & get_label () const
Labeledoperator= (const Labeled &l)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqGradInterface
float get_gradintegral_norm () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqPulsInterface
virtual double get_pulsduration () const
SeqPulsInterfaceset_flipangles (const fvector &flipangles)
fvector get_flipangles () const
virtual float get_power () const
virtual SeqPulsInterfaceset_rel_magnetic_center (float center)
virtual float get_rel_magnetic_center () const
virtual SeqPulsInterfaceset_flipangle_reorder_scheme (reorderScheme scheme, unsigned int nsegments)
virtual const SeqVectorget_flipangle_vector () const
virtual const SeqVectorget_flipangle_reorder_vector () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqFreqChanInterface
virtual SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_freqlist (const dvector &freqlist)
virtual SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_phaselist (const dvector &phaselist)
virtual const SeqVectorget_freqlist_vector () const
virtual const SeqVectorget_phaselist_vector () const
 operator const SeqVector & () const
virtual SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_encoding_scheme (encodingScheme scheme)
virtual SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_reorder_scheme (reorderScheme scheme, unsigned int nsegments=1)
virtual const SeqVectorget_reorder_vector () const
virtual SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_phaselist_encoding_scheme (encodingScheme scheme)
virtual SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_phaselist_reorder_scheme (reorderScheme scheme, unsigned int nsegments=1)
virtual const SeqVectorget_phaselist_reorder_vector () const
SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_freqoffset (double freqoffset)
SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_phase (double phaseval)
SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_phasespoiling (unsigned int size=80, double incr=117.0, double offset=0.0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OdinPulse
 OdinPulse (const STD_string &pulse_label="unnamedOdinPulse", bool interactive=false)
 OdinPulse (const OdinPulse &pulse)
OdinPulseoperator= (const OdinPulse &pulse)
OdinPulseset_dim_mode (funcMode dmode)
funcMode get_dim_mode () const
unsigned int get_size () const
OdinPulseresize (unsigned int newsize)
OdinPulseset_Tp (double duration)
double get_Tp () const
OdinPulseset_consider_system_cond (bool flag)
bool get_consider_system_cond () const
OdinPulseset_consider_Nyquist_cond (bool flag)
bool get_consider_Nyquist_cond () const
OdinPulseset_spat_resolution (double sigma)
OdinPulseuse_min_spat_resolution (bool flag)
double get_spat_resolution () const
OdinPulseset_field_of_excitation (double fox)
double get_field_of_excitation () const
OdinPulseset_spatial_offset (direction direction, double offset)
double get_spatial_offset (direction direction) const
OdinPulseset_nucleus (const STD_string &nucleusname)
STD_string get_nucleus () const
OdinPulseset_pulse_type (pulseType type)
pulseType get_pulse_type () const
OdinPulseset_composite_pulse (const STD_string &cpstring)
farray get_composite_pulse_parameters () const
bool is_composite_pulse () const
unsigned int get_numof_composite_pulse () const
bool is_adiabatic () const
float get_rel_center () const
double get_pulse_gain () const
float get_flipangle_corr_factor () const
OdinPulseset_flipangle (double angle)
double get_flipangle () const
OdinPulsegenerate ()
OdinPulseset_pulse_gain ()
float get_power_depos () const
OdinPulseset_shape (const STD_string &shapeval)
OdinPulseset_trajectory (const STD_string &shapeval)
OdinPulseset_filter (const STD_string &shapeval)
OdinPulseset_shape_parameter (const STD_string &parameter_label, const STD_string &value)
OdinPulseset_trajectory_parameter (const STD_string &parameter_label, const STD_string &value)
OdinPulseset_filter_parameter (const STD_string &parameter_label, const STD_string &value)
STD_string get_shape_parameter (const STD_string &parameter_label) const
STD_string get_trajectory_parameter (const STD_string &parameter_label) const
STD_string get_filter_parameter (const STD_string &parameter_label) const
STD_string get_shape () const
STD_string get_trajectory () const
STD_string get_filter () const
const fvectorget_Grad (direction channel) const
double get_G0 () const
const cvectorget_B1 () const
double get_B10 () const
void simulate_pulse (SeqSimAbstract &sim, const Sample &sample) const
int write_rf_waveform (const STD_string &filename) const
int load_rf_waveform (const STD_string &filename)
int load (const STD_string &filename, const LDRserBase &serializer=LDRserJDX())
- Public Member Functions inherited from LDRblock
 LDRblock (const STD_string &title="Parameter List")
 LDRblock (const LDRblock &block)
 ~LDRblock ()
LDRblockoperator= (const LDRblock &block)
LDRblockmerge (LDRblock &block, bool onlyUserPars=true)
LDRblockunmerge (LDRblock &block)
STD_string printval (const STD_string &parameterName, bool append_unit=false) const
bool parseval (const STD_string &parameterName, const STD_string &value)
int parseblock (const STD_string &source, const LDRserBase &serializer=LDRserJDX())
unsigned int numof_pars () const
LDRbaseget_parameter (const STD_string &ldrlabel)
bool parameter_exists (const STD_string &ldrlabel) const
LDRblockset_prefix (const STD_string &prefix)
LDRblockset_embedded (bool embedded)
bool is_embedded () const
LDRbaseoperator[] (unsigned int i)
const LDRbaseoperator[] (unsigned int i) const
LDRbaseget_parameter_by_id (int id)
LDRblockcreate_copy (const LDRblock &src)
LDRblockappend_copy (const LDRbase &src)
LDRblockcopy_ldr_vals (const LDRblock &src)
bool operator== (const LDRblock &rhs) const
bool operator< (const LDRblock &rhs) const
bool compare (const LDRblock &rhs, const STD_list< STD_string > *exclude=0, double accuracy=0.0) const
STD_string print (const LDRserBase &serializer=LDRserJDX()) const
LDRbaseset_parmode (parameterMode parameter_mode)
LDRbaseset_filemode (fileMode file_mode)
STD_string get_parx_code (parxCodeType type) const
STD_ostream & print2stream (STD_ostream &os, const LDRserBase &serializer) const
bool parsevalstring (const STD_string &, const LDRserBase *ser=0)
bool parse (STD_string &parstring, const LDRserBase &serializer)
STD_string printvalstring (const LDRserBase *ser=0) const
LDRbasecreate_copy () const
STD_string get_typeInfo (bool parx_equivtype=false) const
int write (const STD_string &filename, const LDRserBase &serializer=LDRserJDX()) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from LDRbase
virtual double get_minval () const
virtual double get_maxval () const
bool has_minmax () const
const STD_string & get_description () const
LDRbaseset_description (const STD_string &descr)
virtual svector get_alternatives () const
const STD_string & get_unit () const
LDRbaseset_unit (const STD_string &un)
virtual parameterMode get_parmode () const
virtual fileMode get_filemode () const
virtual GuiProps get_gui_props () const
virtual LDRbaseset_gui_props (const GuiProps &)
JcampDxProps get_jdx_props () const
LDRbaseset_jdx_props (const JcampDxProps &jp)
- Public Member Functions inherited from List< I, P, R >
 List ()
 ~List ()
Listoperator= (const List &l)
Listclear ()
Listappend (R item)
Listremove (R item)
unsigned int size () const
iter get_begin ()
iter get_end ()
constiter get_const_begin () const
constiter get_const_end () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from List< I, P, R >
typedef STD_list< P >::iterator iter
typedef STD_list< P >::const_iterator constiter
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SeqClass
void marshall_error () const
virtual bool prep ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from LDRblock
LDRblockappend_member (LDRbase &ldr, const STD_string ldrlabel="")
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SeqClass
static void clear_temporary ()
static void clear_containers ()

Detailed Description

Sinc pulse.

A sinc shaped pulse

Definition at line 237 of file seqpulsar.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ SeqPulsarSinc() [1/2]

SeqPulsarSinc::SeqPulsarSinc ( const STD_string &  object_label = "unnamedSeqPulsarSinc",
float  slicethickness = 5.0,
bool  rephased = true,
float  duration = 2.0,
float  flipangle = 90.0,
float  resolution = 1.5,
unsigned int  npoints = 256 

Constructs a slice selective sinc pulse labeled 'object_label' with the following properties:

  • slicethickness: The thickness of the slice that will be excited
  • rephased: If true, an additional gradient lobe will be added to rephase the magnetisation
  • duration: The pulse duration
  • flipangle: The flip angle
  • resolution: The spatial resolution, i.e. the scale on which the excitation profile is smoothed
  • npoints: The number of digitised (complex) points for the pulse

§ SeqPulsarSinc() [2/2]

SeqPulsarSinc::SeqPulsarSinc ( const SeqPulsarSinc sps)

Constructs a copy of 'sps'

Member Function Documentation

§ operator=()

SeqPulsarSinc& SeqPulsarSinc::operator= ( const SeqPulsarSinc sps)

Assignment operator that makes this object become a copy of 'sps'

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