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#include <seqphase.h>

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class SeqFreqChan

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- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqVector
 SeqVector (const STD_string &object_label="unnamedSeqVector")
 SeqVector (const STD_string &object_label, unsigned int nindices, int slope=1, int offset=0)
 SeqVector (const SeqVector &sv)
virtual ~SeqVector ()
SeqVectoroperator= (const SeqVector &sv)
virtual unsigned int get_numof_iterations () const
virtual bool needs_unrolling_check () const
virtual int get_current_index () const
int get_acq_index () const
virtual bool is_acq_vector () const
virtual bool is_obj_vector () const
SeqVectorset_indexvec (const ivector &iv)
ivector get_indexvec () const
SeqVectorset_reorder_scheme (reorderScheme scheme, unsigned int nsegments=1)
SeqVectorset_encoding_scheme (encodingScheme scheme)
const SeqVectorget_reorder_vector () const
virtual nestingRelation get_nesting_relation () const
iarray get_index_matrix () const
int get_current_reord_index () const
STD_string get_reord_iterator (const STD_string &iterator) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqClass
SeqClassset_temporary ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Labeled
 Labeled (const STD_string &label="unnamed")
Labeledset_label (const STD_string &label)
const STD_string & get_label () const
Labeledoperator= (const Labeled &l)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SeqVector
virtual svector get_reord_vector_commands (const STD_string &iterator) const
bool is_handled () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SeqClass
void marshall_error () const
virtual void clear_container ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SeqClass
static void clear_temporary ()
static void clear_containers ()

Detailed Description

A vector class for managing phase lists

Definition at line 60 of file seqphase.h.

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