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Decoupling period. More...

#include <seqdec.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SeqDecoupling (const STD_string &object_label, const STD_string &nucleus, float decpower, const dvector &freqlist=0, const STD_string decprog="", float decpulsduration=0.0)
 SeqDecoupling (const SeqDecoupling &sd)
 SeqDecoupling (const STD_string &object_label="unnamedSeqDecoupling")
SeqDecouplingoperator() (const SeqObjBase &so)
float get_decpower () const
void set_decpower (float p)
STD_string get_program () const
void set_program (const STD_string &p)
double get_pulsduration () const
void set_pulsduration (float d)
SeqDecouplingoperator= (const SeqDecoupling &sd)
double get_duration () const
unsigned int event (eventContext &context) const
STD_string get_program (programContext &context) const
double get_freqchan_duration () const
unsigned int get_freqlistindex () const
const SeqVectorget_freqlist_vector () const
SeqValList get_freqvallist (freqlistAction action) const
void clear_container ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqObjList
 SeqObjList (const STD_string &object_label="unnamedSeqObjList")
 SeqObjList (const SeqObjList &so)
SeqObjListoperator= (const SeqObjList &so)
SeqObjListoperator= (const SeqObjLoop &sl)
SeqObjListoperator= (const SeqDecoupling &sd)
SeqObjListoperator= (const SeqObjBase &soa)
SeqObjListoperator= (SeqGradObjInterface &sgoa)
SeqObjListoperator= (SeqGradChan &sgc)
SeqObjListoperator= (SeqGradChanList &sgcl)
SeqObjListoperator+= (const SeqObjBase &soa)
SeqObjListoperator+= (SeqGradObjInterface &sgoa)
SeqObjListoperator+= (SeqGradChan &sgc)
SeqObjListoperator+= (SeqGradChanList &sgcl)
SeqObjListset_gradrotmatrixvector (const SeqRotMatrixVector &matrixVec)
STD_string get_program (programContext &context) const
unsigned int event (eventContext &context) const
double get_duration () const
STD_string get_properties () const
void query (queryContext &context) const
RecoValList get_recovallist (unsigned int reptimes, LDRkSpaceCoords &coords) const
SeqValList get_freqvallist (freqlistAction action) const
SeqValList get_delayvallist () const
double get_rf_energy () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqTreeObj
bool contains (const SeqTreeObj *sto) const
void tree (SeqTreeCallbackAbstract *display) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqClass
SeqClassset_temporary ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Labeled
 Labeled (const STD_string &label="unnamed")
Labeledset_label (const STD_string &label)
const STD_string & get_label () const
Labeledoperator= (const Labeled &l)
- Public Member Functions inherited from List< SeqObjBase, const SeqObjBase *, const SeqObjBase &>
 List ()
 ~List ()
Listoperator= (const List &l)
Listclear ()
Listappend (const SeqObjBase & item)
Listremove (const SeqObjBase & item)
unsigned int size () const
iter get_begin ()
iter get_end ()
constiter get_const_begin () const
constiter get_const_end () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqFreqChan
 SeqFreqChan (const STD_string &object_label="unnamedSeqFreqChan")
 SeqFreqChan (const STD_string &object_label, const STD_string &nucleus, const dvector &freqlist=0, const dvector &phaselist=0)
 SeqFreqChan (const SeqFreqChan &sfc)
virtual ~SeqFreqChan ()
SeqFreqChanoperator= (const SeqFreqChan &sfc)
int get_channel () const
dvector get_freqlist () const
double get_phase () const
virtual double get_frequency () const
unsigned int get_phaselistindex () const
STD_string get_iteratorcommand (objCategory cat) const
SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_nucleus (const STD_string &nucleus)
SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_freqlist (const dvector &freqlist)
SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_phaselist (const dvector &phaselist)
const SeqVectorget_freqlist_vector () const
const SeqVectorget_phaselist_vector () const
unsigned int get_vectorsize () const
bool prep_iteration () const
bool is_qualvector () const
svector get_vector_commands (const STD_string &iterator) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqVector
 SeqVector (const STD_string &object_label="unnamedSeqVector")
 SeqVector (const STD_string &object_label, unsigned int nindices, int slope=1, int offset=0)
 SeqVector (const SeqVector &sv)
virtual ~SeqVector ()
SeqVectoroperator= (const SeqVector &sv)
virtual unsigned int get_numof_iterations () const
virtual bool needs_unrolling_check () const
virtual int get_current_index () const
int get_acq_index () const
virtual bool is_acq_vector () const
virtual bool is_obj_vector () const
virtual STD_string get_loopcommand () const
SeqVectorset_indexvec (const ivector &iv)
ivector get_indexvec () const
SeqVectorset_reorder_scheme (reorderScheme scheme, unsigned int nsegments=1)
SeqVectorset_encoding_scheme (encodingScheme scheme)
const SeqVectorget_reorder_vector () const
virtual nestingRelation get_nesting_relation () const
iarray get_index_matrix () const
int get_current_reord_index () const
STD_string get_reord_iterator (const STD_string &iterator) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqFreqChanInterface
 operator const SeqVector & () const
virtual SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_encoding_scheme (encodingScheme scheme)
virtual SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_reorder_scheme (reorderScheme scheme, unsigned int nsegments=1)
virtual const SeqVectorget_reorder_vector () const
virtual SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_phaselist_encoding_scheme (encodingScheme scheme)
virtual SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_phaselist_reorder_scheme (reorderScheme scheme, unsigned int nsegments=1)
virtual const SeqVectorget_phaselist_reorder_vector () const
SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_freqoffset (double freqoffset)
SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_phase (double phaseval)
SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_phasespoiling (unsigned int size=80, double incr=117.0, double offset=0.0)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from List< SeqObjBase, const SeqObjBase *, const SeqObjBase &>
typedef STD_list< const SeqObjBase * >::iterator iter
typedef STD_list< const SeqObjBase * >::const_iterator constiter
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SeqObjList
void clear_container ()
bool prep ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SeqClass
void marshall_error () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SeqFreqChan
bool prep ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SeqVector
virtual svector get_reord_vector_commands (const STD_string &iterator) const
bool is_handled () const
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SeqClass
static void clear_temporary ()
static void clear_containers ()

Detailed Description

Decoupling period.

This class represents a decoupling container which can hold a part of the sequence where decoupling is switched on.

Definition at line 70 of file seqdec.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ SeqDecoupling() [1/3]

SeqDecoupling::SeqDecoupling ( const STD_string &  object_label,
const STD_string &  nucleus,
float  decpower,
const dvector freqlist = 0,
const STD_string  decprog = "",
float  decpulsduration = 0.0 

Constructs a container for a sequence part at which decoupling will be switched on with the following properties:

  • nucleus: The nucleus for which the decoupling should be performed.
  • decpower: The maximum power for the decoupling program.
  • freqlist: Frequency list for the decoupler.
  • decprog: The file name of the decoupling program which will be used. If none is specified, continuous wave decouling will be used.
  • decpulsduration: If a decoupling program is given, this parameter determines the pulse duration of each single pulse in a composite pulse decoupling scheme.

§ SeqDecoupling() [2/3]

SeqDecoupling::SeqDecoupling ( const SeqDecoupling sd)

Constructs a decoupling container which is a copy of 'sd'

§ SeqDecoupling() [3/3]

SeqDecoupling::SeqDecoupling ( const STD_string &  object_label = "unnamedSeqDecoupling")

Constructs an empty decoupling container with the given label.

Member Function Documentation

§ clear_container()

void SeqDecoupling::clear_container ( )

Overload this function in case the class is a container object, i.e. it contains other sequence objects. The function should clear all references to other sequence objects, i.e. to thos it contains.

Reimplemented from SeqClass.

§ event()

unsigned int SeqDecoupling::event ( eventContext context) const

Queries the sequence tree for events, returns the number of events executed

Reimplemented from SeqTreeObj.

§ get_decpower()

float SeqDecoupling::get_decpower ( ) const

Returns the decoupling power

Definition at line 112 of file seqdec.h.

§ get_duration()

double SeqDecoupling::get_duration ( ) const

Returns the duration of the sequence object.

Implements SeqTreeObj.

§ get_freqchan_duration()

double SeqDecoupling::get_freqchan_duration ( ) const

Overload this function to return the duration of the object while it effectively occupies the RF channel

Reimplemented from SeqFreqChan.

Definition at line 153 of file seqdec.h.

§ get_freqlist_vector()

const SeqVector& SeqDecoupling::get_freqlist_vector ( ) const

Returns the frequency list vector (for loop insertion)

Reimplemented from SeqFreqChanInterface.

§ get_freqlistindex()

unsigned int SeqDecoupling::get_freqlistindex ( ) const

Return the index for the frequency list

Reimplemented from SeqFreqChan.

Definition at line 154 of file seqdec.h.

§ get_freqvallist()

SeqValList SeqDecoupling::get_freqvallist ( freqlistAction  action) const

Returns the list of frequency values in the objects branch of the sequence tree

Reimplemented from SeqTreeObj.

§ get_program() [1/2]

STD_string SeqDecoupling::get_program ( ) const

Returns the decoupling program

§ get_program() [2/2]

STD_string SeqDecoupling::get_program ( programContext context) const

Returns the part in the pulse/gradient program of this sequence object. 'context' holds data about how the program should be generated, e.g. type of program and formatting.

Reimplemented from SeqTreeObj.

§ get_pulsduration()

double SeqDecoupling::get_pulsduration ( ) const

Returns the decoupling pulse duration for Composite Pulse Decoupling

§ operator()()

SeqDecoupling& SeqDecoupling::operator() ( const SeqObjBase so)

This function specifies that during the sequence part 'so' decoupling will be switched on.

§ operator=()

SeqDecoupling& SeqDecoupling::operator= ( const SeqDecoupling sd)

This assignment operator will make this object become an exact copy of 'sd'.

§ set_decpower()

void SeqDecoupling::set_decpower ( float  p)

Sets the decoupling power

Definition at line 117 of file seqdec.h.

§ set_program()

void SeqDecoupling::set_program ( const STD_string &  p)

Sets the decoupling program

§ set_pulsduration()

void SeqDecoupling::set_pulsduration ( float  d)

Sets the decoupling pulse duration for Composite Pulse Decoupling

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