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Acquisition + readout gradient. More...

#include <seqacqread.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SeqAcqRead (const STD_string &object_label, double sweepwidth, unsigned int read_size, float fov, direction gradchannel, float os_factor=1.0, float partial_fourier=0.0, bool partial_fourier_at_end=false, const STD_string &nucleus="", const dvector &phaselist=0, const dvector &freqlist=0, float timestep=0.0, rampType rampmode=linear)
 SeqAcqRead (const SeqAcqRead &sar)
 SeqAcqRead (const STD_string &object_label="unnamedSeqAcqRead")
SeqAcqReadoperator= (const SeqAcqRead &sar)
const SeqGradTrapezget_readgrad () const
double get_acquisition_center () const
double get_acquisition_start () const
SeqAcqInterfaceset_sweepwidth (double sw, float os_factor)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqAcqInterface
virtual double get_acquisition_duration () const
virtual unsigned int get_npts () const
virtual double get_sweepwidth () const
virtual float get_oversampling () const
virtual SeqAcqInterfaceset_readout_shape (const fvector &shape, unsigned int dstsize)
virtual SeqAcqInterfaceset_reco_vector (recoDim dim, const SeqVector &vec, const dvector &valvec=dvector())
virtual SeqAcqInterfaceset_default_reco_index (recoDim dim, unsigned int index)
virtual SeqAcqInterfaceset_template_type (templateType type)
virtual SeqAcqInterfaceset_reflect_flag (bool flag)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqFreqChanInterface
virtual SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_nucleus (const STD_string &nucleus)
virtual SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_freqlist (const dvector &freqlist)
virtual SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_phaselist (const dvector &phaselist)
virtual const SeqVectorget_freqlist_vector () const
virtual const SeqVectorget_phaselist_vector () const
 operator const SeqVector & () const
virtual SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_encoding_scheme (encodingScheme scheme)
virtual SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_reorder_scheme (reorderScheme scheme, unsigned int nsegments=1)
virtual const SeqVectorget_reorder_vector () const
virtual SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_phaselist_encoding_scheme (encodingScheme scheme)
virtual SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_phaselist_reorder_scheme (reorderScheme scheme, unsigned int nsegments=1)
virtual const SeqVectorget_phaselist_reorder_vector () const
SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_freqoffset (double freqoffset)
SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_phase (double phaseval)
SeqFreqChanInterfaceset_phasespoiling (unsigned int size=80, double incr=117.0, double offset=0.0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqClass
SeqClassset_temporary ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Labeled
 Labeled (const STD_string &label="unnamed")
Labeledset_label (const STD_string &label)
const STD_string & get_label () const
Labeledoperator= (const Labeled &l)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqParallel
 SeqParallel (const STD_string &object_label="unnamedSeqParallel")
 SeqParallel (const SeqParallel &sgp)
SeqParalleloperator= (const SeqParallel &sgp)
SeqParalleloperator/= (SeqGradChan &sgc)
SeqParalleloperator/= (SeqGradChanList &sgcl)
SeqParalleloperator/= (SeqGradChanParallel &sgcp)
SeqParalleloperator/= (SeqGradObjInterface &sgoa)
SeqParalleloperator/= (const SeqObjBase &soa)
STD_string get_program (programContext &context) const
double get_duration () const
STD_string get_properties () const
unsigned int event (eventContext &context) const
SeqValList get_freqvallist (freqlistAction action) const
SeqValList get_delayvallist () const
void query (queryContext &context) const
RecoValList get_recovallist (unsigned int reptimes, LDRkSpaceCoords &coords) const
double get_rf_energy () const
SeqGradInterfaceset_strength (float gradstrength)
SeqGradInterfaceinvert_strength ()
float get_strength () const
fvector get_gradintegral () const
double get_gradduration () const
SeqGradInterfaceset_gradrotmatrix (const RotMatrix &matrix)
double get_pulprogduration () const
void clear ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqTreeObj
bool contains (const SeqTreeObj *sto) const
void tree (SeqTreeCallbackAbstract *display) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SeqGradInterface
float get_gradintegral_norm () const


class SeqGradEcho

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SeqClass
void marshall_error () const
virtual bool prep ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SeqClass
static void clear_temporary ()
static void clear_containers ()

Detailed Description

Acquisition + readout gradient.

This class represents an acquisition window with a read gradient.

Definition at line 37 of file seqacqread.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ SeqAcqRead() [1/3]

SeqAcqRead::SeqAcqRead ( const STD_string &  object_label,
double  sweepwidth,
unsigned int  read_size,
float  fov,
direction  gradchannel,
float  os_factor = 1.0,
float  partial_fourier = 0.0,
bool  partial_fourier_at_end = false,
const STD_string &  nucleus = "",
const dvector phaselist = 0,
const dvector freqlist = 0,
float  timestep = 0.0,
rampType  rampmode = linear 

Constructs an acquisition window with a simultaneous read gradient labeled 'object_label' and the following properties:

  • sweepwidth: The sampling frequency
  • read_size: The desired matrix size in read direction
  • fov: The Field of View
  • gradchannel: The channel where the read gradient will be placed
  • os_factor: See class 'SeqAcq' for explanation
  • partial_fourier: The amount of partial Fourier undersampling (0=no undersampling, 1=half fourier)
  • partial_fourier_at_end: If set to 'true', partial Fourier will omit data at the end of the readout
  • nucleus: See class 'SeqAcq' for explanation
  • phaselist: See class 'SeqAcq' for explanation
  • freqlist: See class 'SeqAcq' for explanation
  • timestep: The time resolution for the digitised ramps, the default is to take minimum time step the scanner is capable of.
  • rampmode: This parameter determines the shape of the ramp waveform

§ SeqAcqRead() [2/3]

SeqAcqRead::SeqAcqRead ( const SeqAcqRead sar)

Constructs an acquisition window with read gradient which is a copy of 'sar'

§ SeqAcqRead() [3/3]

SeqAcqRead::SeqAcqRead ( const STD_string &  object_label = "unnamedSeqAcqRead")

Constructs an empty acquisition window with read gradient with the given label.

Member Function Documentation

§ get_acquisition_center()

double SeqAcqRead::get_acquisition_center ( ) const

Returns the the duration from the the beginnig of the acquisition object to the middle of the acquisition window.

Reimplemented from SeqAcqInterface.

§ get_acquisition_start()

double SeqAcqRead::get_acquisition_start ( ) const

Returns the the duration from the the beginnig of the acquisition object to the beginnig of the acquisition window (the point of time where data starts to be acquired).

Reimplemented from SeqAcqInterface.

§ get_readgrad()

const SeqGradTrapez& SeqAcqRead::get_readgrad ( ) const

Returns reference to read gradient.

Definition at line 84 of file seqacqread.h.

§ operator=()

SeqAcqRead& SeqAcqRead::operator= ( const SeqAcqRead sar)

This assignment operator will make this object become an exact copy of 'sar'.

§ set_sweepwidth()

SeqAcqInterface& SeqAcqRead::set_sweepwidth ( double  sw,
float  os_factor 

Sets the sweepwidth 'sw' without oversampling and oversampling factor 'os_factor' for this acquisition object, os_factor=1 means no oversampling.

Reimplemented from SeqAcqInterface.

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