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store: Store reconstructed images More...

#include <manual.h>

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- Public Member Functions inherited from RecoStep
virtual bool pipeline_init (const RecoController &controller, const RecoCoord &input_coord)
void set_next_step (RecoStep *step)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Step< RecoStep >
RecoStepclone () const
void set_args (const STD_string &argstr)
STD_string args_description () const
unsigned int numof_args () const
void append_opts (LDRblock &parblock)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RecoStep
 RecoStep ()
bool execute_next_step (RecoData &rd, RecoController &controller)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Step< RecoStep >
void append_arg (LDRbase &arg, const STD_string &arglabel)

Detailed Description

store: Store reconstructed images

Functor label: store

Interface of store:

Options of store:

    Option 1: Extra file name extension
    Option 2: Prefix of output files, command-line option: -o
    Option 3: Space sepapared list of output formats (file extensions), possible formats are '3db analyze asc coi dat dcm double float gz hdr idx ima interfile jdx mag mhd nii
ph png pos pro reg s16bit s32bit s8bit smp u16bit u32bit u8bit vtk xml xpro', command-line option: -f
    Option 4: Command line args for extra processing of final images, command-line option: -ip
    Option 5: Store phase in addition to magnitude, command-line option: -sp
    Option 6: Write data using given dialect of the format. (default is no dialect), command-line option: -wdialect
    Option 7: Store the protocol separately to this file., command-line option: -wp
    Option 8: Image representation type, command-line option: -type

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