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RecoReaderInterface Class Referenceabstract

#include <reader.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool init (const STD_string &input_filename)=0
virtual bool fetch (RecoCoord &coord, ComplexData< 1 > &adc)=0
virtual const STD_vector< RecoCoord > & get_coords () const =0
virtual dvector dim_values (recoDim dim) const =0
virtual const TinyVector< float, 3 > & reloffset () const =0
virtual STD_string image_proc () const =0
virtual const TinyVector< int, 3 > & image_size () const =0
virtual const Protocolprotocol () const =0
virtual STD_string seqrecipe () const =0
virtual STD_string postProc3D () const =0
virtual STD_string preProc3D () const =0
virtual STD_string cmdline_opts () const =0

Detailed Description

Interface class for all raw-data readers.

Definition at line 35 of file reader.h.

Member Function Documentation

§ cmdline_opts()

virtual STD_string RecoReaderInterface::cmdline_opts ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns extra command-line options for the reco.

§ dim_values()

virtual dvector RecoReaderInterface::dim_values ( recoDim  dim) const
pure virtual

Returns vector of values associated with a certain dimension.

§ fetch()

virtual bool RecoReaderInterface::fetch ( RecoCoord coord,
ComplexData< 1 > &  adc 
pure virtual

Returns the next available ADC (each channel has its own ADC) in 'adc' with k-space coordinates 'coord', returns 'false' only if none left.

§ get_coords()

virtual const STD_vector<RecoCoord>& RecoReaderInterface::get_coords ( ) const
pure virtual

Gets the k-space coordinates of all ADCs (each channel has its own ADC) in a single vector.

§ image_proc()

virtual STD_string RecoReaderInterface::image_proc ( ) const
pure virtual

Extra command-line arguments for processing of final images.

§ image_size()

virtual const TinyVector<int,3>& RecoReaderInterface::image_size ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the image size, will be used if it cannot be determined from the k-space coordinates (i.e. when gridding).

§ init()

virtual bool RecoReaderInterface::init ( const STD_string &  input_filename)
pure virtual

Initializes reader. 'input_filename' contains meta and/or references raw data.

§ postProc3D()

virtual STD_string RecoReaderInterface::postProc3D ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the extra chain of reconstruction steps (functors) which will be performed after 3D reconstruction (including channel combination) but before data is stored on disk. Leave blank if no extra steps are necessary.

§ preProc3D()

virtual STD_string RecoReaderInterface::preProc3D ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the extra chain of reconstruction steps (functors) described by 'recipe' wil be performed after 3D FFT but before channel combination. Leave blank if no extra steps are necessary.

§ protocol()

virtual const Protocol& RecoReaderInterface::protocol ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the scan protocol.

§ reloffset()

virtual const TinyVector<float,3>& RecoReaderInterface::reloffset ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the relative spatial offset the image should be shifted after reconstruction. The result contains the offsets in (phase3d,phase,read) direction.

§ seqrecipe()

virtual STD_string RecoReaderInterface::seqrecipe ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the reco recipe (pipeline layout) as specified by the sequence. If result is left blank, the recipe will be generated automatically.

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