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RecoCollectorBase Class Reference

#include <collector.h>

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Protected Member Functions

bool completed (const RecoCoord &coord, unsigned int custom_count)
bool calculate_count (RecoQueryContext &context, const RecoCoord &inmask, const RecoCoord &outmask)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RecoStep
 RecoStep ()
bool execute_next_step (RecoData &rd, RecoController &controller)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Step< RecoStep >
void append_arg (LDRbase &arg, const STD_string &arglabel)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from RecoStep
virtual bool process (RecoData &rd, RecoController &controller)=0
virtual RecoCoord input_coord () const =0
virtual void modify_coord (RecoCoord &coord) const =0
virtual bool pipeline_init (const RecoController &controller, const RecoCoord &input_coord)
virtual bool query (RecoQueryContext &context)
void set_next_step (RecoStep *step)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Step< RecoStep >
virtual STD_string label () const=0
virtual STD_string description () const=0
virtual RecoStepallocate () const=0
virtual void init ()=0
RecoStepclone () const
void set_args (const STD_string &argstr)
STD_string args_description () const
unsigned int numof_args () const
void append_opts (LDRblock &parblock)

Detailed Description

Base class for all collector templates to hold code common to all collectors.

Definition at line 35 of file collector.h.

Member Function Documentation

§ calculate_count()

bool RecoCollectorBase::calculate_count ( RecoQueryContext context,
const RecoCoord inmask,
const RecoCoord outmask 

Calcuate the count, i.e. number inputs to be processed before executing the next step. 'inmask' and 'outmask' are used to filter on particular indices when calculating the todo map.

§ completed()

bool RecoCollectorBase::completed ( const RecoCoord coord,
unsigned int  custom_count 

Removes 'coord' from the todo map, returns 'true' only if the current set is fully collected, i.e. the todo map is emtpy. Note: Do not lock any mutexes when calling this function. If 'custom_count' is non-zero, it will be used instead of the cached 'count'.

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