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#include <tjlog.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void set_log_level (const char *compname, logPriority level)
static void set_uniform_log_level (logPriority level)
static bool set_log_levels (int argc, char *argv[], bool trigger_error=true)
static STD_string get_usage ()
static const char * get_levels ()
static void set_levels (const char *str)
static void set_log_output_function (tracefunction func)

Detailed Description

Base class for all Log-component types which manages global settings

Definition at line 117 of file tjlog.h.

Member Function Documentation

§ get_levels()

static const char* LogBase::get_levels ( )

Serialize log-level settings to string

§ get_usage()

static STD_string LogBase::get_usage ( )

Get command line usage for setting log levels

§ set_levels()

static void LogBase::set_levels ( const char *  str)

Set log levels from string

§ set_log_level()

static void LogBase::set_log_level ( const char *  compname,
logPriority  level 

Set the log output level of component 'compname' to 'level'

§ set_log_levels()

static bool LogBase::set_log_levels ( int  argc,
char *  argv[],
bool  trigger_error = true 

Set log levels from command line

§ set_log_output_function()

static void LogBase::set_log_output_function ( tracefunction  func)

Set trace function

§ set_uniform_log_level()

static void LogBase::set_uniform_log_level ( logPriority  level)

Set uniform log output level for all components

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