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LDRwidget Class Reference

#include <ldrwidget.h>

Inherits QWidget.

Public Slots

void updateWidget ()
void deleteDialogs ()


void valueChanged ()
void doneButtonPressed ()

Public Member Functions

 LDRwidget (LDRbase &ldr, unsigned int columns=1, QWidget *parent=0, bool doneButton=false, const char *omittext="", bool storeLoadButtons=false)

Detailed Description

This class produces a widget according to a given Labeled Data Record (LDR) or a block of them so that the parameter(s) can be edited interactively

Definition at line 67 of file ldrwidget.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ LDRwidget()

LDRwidget::LDRwidget ( LDRbase ldr,
unsigned int  columns = 1,
QWidget *  parent = 0,
bool  doneButton = false,
const char *  omittext = "",
bool  storeLoadButtons = false 

Constructs a widget for the parameter(s) 'ldr' with the following additional options:

  • columns: If creating a widget for a block of parameters they will be grouped in the given number of columns
  • parent: The parent widget
  • doneButton: If creating a widget for a block of parameters a 'Done' push button will be added if this option is set to 'true' The push button will then emit the doneButtonPressed() signal if clicked
  • omittext: Text to blind out in the label of each parameter
  • storeLoadButtons: Add buttons to store/load the parameters to/from file

Member Function Documentation

§ deleteDialogs

void LDRwidget::deleteDialogs ( )

Delete all dialogs that may have popped up during editing the parameters

§ doneButtonPressed

void LDRwidget::doneButtonPressed ( )

This signal will be emitted whenever the 'Done' button is clicked

§ updateWidget

void LDRwidget::updateWidget ( )

Tell the widget that the parameter(s) were changed outside and that it has to update its view

§ valueChanged

void LDRwidget::valueChanged ( )

This signal will be emitted whenever one of the parameters is changed

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