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#include <integration.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual double evaluate (double x) const =0
double get_integral (double xmin, double xmax, unsigned int max_subintervals=1000, double error_limit=1e-7) const

Detailed Description

Base class of all function classes which should be integrated. To use this class, derive from it and overload the virtual function 'evaluate'.

Definition at line 34 of file integration.h.

Member Function Documentation

§ evaluate()

virtual double Integrand::evaluate ( double  x) const
pure virtual

Returns the function value at position 'x'.

§ get_integral()

double Integrand::get_integral ( double  xmin,
double  xmax,
unsigned int  max_subintervals = 1000,
double  error_limit = 1e-7 
) const

Returns the integral from 'xmin' to 'xmax'. Integration is performed with 'max_subintervals' at which the function will be calculated and the specified relative 'error_limit'.

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