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FunctionFitInterface Class Referenceabstract

#include <fitting.h>

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virtual bool init (ModelFunction &model_func, unsigned int nvals)=0
virtual bool fit (const Array< float, 1 > &yvals, const Array< float, 1 > &ysigma=defaultArray, const Array< float, 1 > &xvals=defaultArray, unsigned int max_iterations=DEFAULT_MAX_ITER, double tolerance=DEFAULT_TOLERANCE)=0

Detailed Description

Interface class for all function fits

Definition at line 122 of file fitting.h.

Member Function Documentation

§ fit()

virtual bool FunctionFitInterface::fit ( const Array< float, 1 > &  yvals,
const Array< float, 1 > &  ysigma = defaultArray,
const Array< float, 1 > &  xvals = defaultArray,
unsigned int  max_iterations = DEFAULT_MAX_ITER,
double  tolerance = DEFAULT_TOLERANCE 
pure virtual

The fitting routine that takes the starting values from the model function, y-values 'yvals', and optionally the corresponding y-error bars 'ysigma' and x-vals 'xvals'. If no error-bars are given, they are all set to 0.1 and if no x-vals are given equidistant points with an increment of one are chosen, i.e. xvals(i)=i; A maximum of 'max_iterations' iterations and the given 'tolerance' is used during the fit. Returns true on success.

Implemented in FunctionFitDownhillSimplex, and FunctionFitDerivative.

§ init()

virtual bool FunctionFitInterface::init ( ModelFunction model_func,
unsigned int  nvals 
pure virtual

Prepare a non-linear least-square fit of function 'model_func' for 'nvals' values

Implemented in FunctionFitDownhillSimplex, and FunctionFitDerivative.

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