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#include <fileio.h>

Public Types

typedef STD_map< Protocol, Data< float, 4 > > ProtocolDataMap

Static Public Member Functions

static int autoread (ProtocolDataMap &pdmap, const STD_string &filename, const FileReadOpts &opts, const Protocol &protocol_template, ProgressMeter *progmeter=0)
static int autowrite (const ProtocolDataMap &pdmap, const STD_string &filename, const FileWriteOpts &opts)
static svector autoformats ()
static STD_string autoformats_str (const STD_string &indent="")
static bool get_trace_status ()
static void set_trace_status (bool stat)

Detailed Description

Structure to accomodate autoread/autwrite functionality. Please refer to (Input/Output of medical image data (odindata library) ) for a detailed description of this module.

Definition at line 53 of file fileio.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

§ ProtocolDataMap

typedef STD_map<Protocol, Data<float,4> > FileIO::ProtocolDataMap

Type to associate protocols with tempo-spatial raw data via std::map

Definition at line 60 of file fileio.h.

Member Function Documentation

§ autoformats()

static svector FileIO::autoformats ( )

Returns possible file formats/extensions to autoread autowrite

§ autoformats_str()

static STD_string FileIO::autoformats_str ( const STD_string &  indent = "")

Returns possible file formats as string with comment

§ autoread()

static int FileIO::autoread ( ProtocolDataMap pdmap,
const STD_string &  filename,
const FileReadOpts opts,
const Protocol protocol_template,
ProgressMeter progmeter = 0 

Reads in file 'filename' and appends all data sets found to protocol-data map 'pdmap', autodetects file format according to file extension. Read options are given by 'opts' and 'protocol_template' contains defaults used by the decoder/encoder of the particular file format. The progress meter 'progmeter' can be optionally specified to monitor the progress of the operation. Returns number of slices, or -1 if it fails.

§ autowrite()

static int FileIO::autowrite ( const ProtocolDataMap pdmap,
const STD_string &  filename,
const FileWriteOpts opts 

Writes out protocol-data map 'pdmap' to file(s) filename, autodetects file format according to file extension. Write options are given by 'opts'. Returns number of slices sucessfully written, or -1 if it fails.

§ get_trace_status()

static bool FileIO::get_trace_status ( )

Returns whether tracing via stdout is enabled/disabled

Definition at line 91 of file fileio.h.

§ set_trace_status()

static void FileIO::set_trace_status ( bool  stat)

Enables/disables tracing via stdout

Definition at line 96 of file fileio.h.

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