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#include <fileio.h>

Public Member Functions

void register_format ()

Static Public Member Functions

static svector create_unique_filenames (const STD_string &filename, const FileIO::ProtocolDataMap &pdmap, const STD_string &par)
static float voxel_extent (const Geometry &geometry, direction direction, int size)

Static Protected Member Functions

static STD_string select_write_datatype (const Protocol &prot, const FileWriteOpts &opts)


class FileIO

Detailed Description

Base class for file formats

Definition at line 115 of file fileio.h.

Member Function Documentation

§ create_unique_filenames()

static svector FileFormat::create_unique_filenames ( const STD_string &  filename,
const FileIO::ProtocolDataMap pdmap,
const STD_string &  par 

creates unique filenames based on 'filename' for the protocol-data pairs in 'pdmap' using comma-separated list of additional parameters in 'par'

§ register_format()

void FileFormat::register_format ( )

Use this function on a static instance to register the corresponding file format

§ select_write_datatype()

static STD_string FileFormat::select_write_datatype ( const Protocol prot,
const FileWriteOpts opts 

Select the appropriate data type when writing binary data

§ voxel_extent()

static float FileFormat::voxel_extent ( const Geometry geometry,
direction  direction,
int  size 

returns the voxel extent of the 'geometry' in the given 'direction' using a matrix size 'size'.

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